M. Clifford x Pono by Joan Goodman

Currently searching for an alternative handbag? We may have found just the designer for you. While the “It” bag is supposedly a dead trend, we can give tangible evidence to the contrary as we constantly spot girls and boys alike carrying the latest Alexander Wang satchel, Celine tote or PS1 (if you don’t know you’d better ask somebody). Joan Goodman, as in PONO by Joan Goodman is working with M. Clifford and Fall ’11 marks their second season collaborating. Their work fits right in with the fashion set’s newest obsession; the Pouchette.


Our favorite style is The Grace which is a Pouchette priced at a reasonable $320. The PONO resin chain strap adds a tough chic element to the diminutive piece and highlights the dappled leather texture of the bag itself. One reason Pouchettes have become so ubiquitous is that they’re just small enough to stash in your work bag, allowing you to look the part after-hours. The Grace holds just enough (mobile, keys, lipstick, handcuffs?…) to take you right into whatever late night activity strikes your fancy. Available now at www.mclifforddesigns.com


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