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April 29, 2011

Dee & Ricky x Shayan Afshar

Dynamite duo Dee & Ricky are up to something yet again, teaming up with friend and frequent collaborator, Shayan Afshar who is growing more and more popular as jeweler to the stars.


The wundertwins are back to pushing the boundaries of kitsch and cool with their latest offering; the cigarette ring. This unique two finger ring is forged out of rhodium and ends in an emerald cut ruby, resembling a cigarettes burning ember tip. Let’s be real. Images of smoking are still found everywhere and probably won’t go out of fashion no matter how many ‘Truth’ commercials MTV airs. To avoid flack, they can always claim the ring is simply an homage to Mondrian. Because that never gets old.

April 17, 2011

This x That

Word has it that an American car industry titan is aligning itself with your boyfriend’s favorite menswear designer (Hint: He’s a CFDA winner).


This concept vehicle, first launched in 2004 and updated each year, looks more like a Maybach than your usual executive town car but in the dead of night, who can tell?

April 5, 2011

Michael Kaplan x Atelier Swarovski

Could anything be more intertwined than fashion and film? Bonnie & Clyde and Desperately Seeking Susan alone have inspired more than a dozen collections a piece. Ridley Scott’s futuristic Blade Runner has also had its fair share of influence, so it’s perfectly fitting that the film’s costume designer, Michael Kaplan, should be tapped to collaborate with Atelier Swarovski on a jewelry collection for Spring.


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