Piperlime Reaches Collaboration Station

As the public’s obsession with celebrity style reaches a deafening crescendo, Piperlime is positioning itself to cash in. Rachel Zoe, whose clients can be found in virtually every gossip rag known to man (BOP and Tiger Beat included) was the first to work with the then relatively untested e-commerce site. Next came a fellow Bravo-lebrity, Mondo Guerra for the celebrity backed amFar organization. Now Piperlime has come full circle to provide everyday access to celebrity style by partnering with Beyond Vintage, Ella Moss, Rachel Pally and Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent. As all of these brands are regularly spotted in the “Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us!” section. Piperlime is clearly onto something.


The lines will feature about 10 items from each designer with prices ranging from $90 to upwards of $400, hefty prices for a diffusion line. Is the price of jersey mirroring gas prices? In any event, beginning April 4th on piperlime.com, you too can walk your dog, get coffee, play with your kids and cuss out your boyfriend all while wearing an Ella Moss tunic; just like Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie! All of this is sans Gabriel Aubry and Brad Pitt of course.

photo credit:mamasarollingstone.com


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