Matthew Williamson x Macy’s

Macy’s is getting on track to rival Target and H&M for most ‘fast fashionable’ retailer at the rate they’re going with designer collaborations. Their line with Kinder Aggugini, Karl Lagerfeld’s pending collection, and now we have Matthew Williamson’s line. According to the Macy’s VP of Fashion and New Business, “the most important part is finding designers that best represent what the trends are of the moment.” Translation for 2011: 70’s style and plenty of it.


The 30-piece capsule collection will include dresses, blouses, leather jackets, and print scarves. Williamson favors a vibrant print and flowing silhouette, which tends to translate better than sharp tailoring to fast fashion. Considering the designer has already partnered with H&M and Debenhams, perhaps it’s time he considered a full-time line that’s pocket-friendly (“Muse by Matthew Williamson” prices aren’t exactly that). And we know all you bohemians on a budget would appreciate that. The collection launches on April 13th in stores and at

Entire collection below!
Photo credit: InStyle


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