Club Monaco x Scosha

Oh Club Monaco. Always looking out for the little guy. The mega brand has scooped up Australian designer Schosha Woolridge of Scosha for a new in-store collaboration. The brand has always managed to maintain an image that keeps them out of the category of disposable fast fashion, and part of that is due to their commitment to featuring the designers they believe in. After all, when the brand featured James Coviello’s hats, they were sold at practically the wholesale cost, meaning Club Monaco is serious about making sure every single piece gets sold.


Not that they’ll have a problem with the Scosha line. The collection is inspired by “Scosha’s many travel inspirations and everyday experiences,” whatever that means. It includes beaded bracelets and charm necklaces and is part of Club Monaco’s resort collection. If you couldn’t take a vacation this winter, these tropical colors will certainly liven you up. And whenever someone compliments your bracelet, you can say you picked it up in Ecuador. No one will ever know the difference. In stores now.


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