Vivienne Westwood x Chivas Regal

During London Fashion Week, la grande dame Vivienne Westwood announced her design partnership with Scotch whiskey purveyor Chivas Regal. The two brands joined forces to host a fete with a banquet table befitting fashion royalty as Union Jacks, gilded glassware and lush velvet filled the dining room. To be sure, this bevvy comes not in a bottle with a stick-on-label but in the signature packaging of the iconic British fashion house; wrapped up nicely in a deconstructed jacket complete with a blue tartan ribbon.


Only 2500 limited edition bottles are available worldwide at about $495. Vivienne has been stretching her design reach far beyond fashion these days. Take her latest partnership in homewares as proof. We’ve also even seen her take on the Hollywood red carpet most recently on the backs of Helena Bonham Carter and Helen Mirren. No one will be able to ignore British culture in 2011. Let’s not forget that upcoming royal wedding where we’re sure this Vivienne Westwood x Chivas Regal bottle would fit in quite nicely.


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