BAPE x Mr. Porter

Nigo has spent 18 years at A Bathing Ape drawing in fans with camouflage hoodies and colorful sneakers but after changing up his aesthetic for a decidedly English take on Dr. Martens, the designer is furthering his love of all things dandy with a new project with online shopping website, Mr. Porter. The line, aptly named Mr. Bathing Ape, is a chance for Nigo to flex his tailoring muscle, offering up pieces made to appear like they came straight off of Savile Row.


Frankly, these clothes could not be more generic. We were at least expecting a flash of camouflage in the suit linings, though camouflage does appear in the form of silky ties. It could be consequence of age that Nigo has resorted to playing with tried and true staples of menswear. Maybe he felt out of place at a few too many meetings in Japanese dark-wash denim and a printed tee, which maybe why he isn’t quick to remodel any menswear codes. Prices range from $300 for a tie to $2,050 for a 3 pc suit, on sale now. We can just imagine the conversation. “Is your suit Banana Republic?” No, it’s A Bathing Ape. Go figure.


One Comment to “BAPE x Mr. Porter”

  1. Wow This is so yawn when will a collab be a real sharing of ideas between two creative companies. I must applaud the interns hard work cause surely this piece of bore was not inside the designer

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