Christian Siriano x Spiegel

It was only a matter of time before catalogs hopped on the designer collaboration merry-go-round. First up is Spiegel, recruiting Project Runway wunderkind Christian Siriano. Siriano is not shy, either on camera or when it comes to giving his fans a price point they can appreciate. The collection for Spiegel’s ‘Signature Styles’ (needs a name change) line will consist of about 10 looks. Puzzled as to how Siriano’s flair for red carpet worthy ruffles and flounces will mesh with your everyday look? Have no fear, while Siriano’s line will certainly include evening wear, this season’s inspiration is a bit more understated.


Loosely based on Siriano’s current Fall 2011 collection, the line is a modern take on Grecian draping and use of natural, unobtrusive color. Faithful to his Payless fans’ price point, pricing ranges from $49 for a scarf to $449 for a gown. Expect items like a cream brocade sheath dress or a leopard print pencil skirt and of course, Spiegel’s strongest seller; suiting. (including sizes 14/16). There is currently an option for pre-orders and the release date is early spring (April 2011). Smart move as prom season is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be a nostalgic turn of events if teen girls everywhere grabbed their mom’s Spiegel catalog to order their prom dress? Ah, to be young again.


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