Audi Concept Design Munich x Head

Photo: Geeky Gadget

In non-fashion week news, as much as we’d like to think winter is finally over, we can’t fool ourselves into totally forgetting snowmaggeddon actually happened. So if you’re still heading up North and are a glutton for punishment, it might be time to invest in a good pair of skiis. Audi Concept Design Munich has teamed up with sporting goods brand Head and the German Ski Association on developing a pair of sleek lightweight (960 grams) skiis, the Audi Carbon Ski.


Titanium and aluminum with carbon casing for flexibility, prove that engineers went to work on making these skiis indispensable. Fancy calculations were made for precision, carving ability, stiffness and minimal torsion. An Audi vehicle for your feet if you will. Sold? Well sorry because Geeky Gadgets, reports that worldwide availability is still unknown. But with the winter we’ve been having, I wouldn’t be too concerned you will miss the slopes.


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