Vena Cava x Uniqlo

Photo: Uniqlo

Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock have cultivated quite the fan base with their wonderfully eclectic line Vena Cava. Their recent ‘90s inspired Fall 2011 collection was a hit with editors and now the duo has arranged their next project, a collaboration with fast fashion staple Uniqlo. Uniqlo has gained a heavy circulation of extroverted and introverted fashionistas with its wildly successful line with Jil Sander, +J. And while +J may get the minimalists through those doors, Uniqlo is clearly seeking a more trend-oriented client with their latest venture.


This isn’t Vena Cava’s first fast fashion campaign though. Many of you will remember their line Aqua for Bloomingdale’s. Vena Cava is a welcome edition to Uniqlo’s dossier of New York wunderkinds, including Phillip Lim, Costello Tagliapietra, and Alexander Wang. If the designers’ latest presentation is any indication of what we can expect, you’ll certainly be seeing a lot more silk on Broadway come Fall.


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