Christian Lacroix x Sicis

Photo: Sicis

Now that we’ve more or less come out of the recession, it seems such a tragedy to think that Christian Lacroix isn’t still around enthralling us with the latest in couture creations. While his company has turned into little more than a string of licensed denim lines and perfumes, the man himself has been busy designing opera costumes, interiors for hotels, and supervising Lacroix retrospectives in Singapore. Recently the designer has partnered with Sicis to launch an exuberant new furniture collection.


Sicis, an art mosaic factory in Italy, is the source of Lacroix’s inspiration. The designer’s inspiration comes from famous mosaics of the Byzantine empress Theodora. If his ottomans will be anything like his couture, we can expect grandiose, baroque, classical, and kitsch all rolled into one. Everything is practically tailor-made for the eccentric UES set (or @KanyeWest), not to mention a few audacious Eastern Europeans. Furniture design might not be befitting of a man of his talents, but we guess everyone has to eat.


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