Jean Yu x Proenza Schouler and rag&bone

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Lingerie aficionados are no stranger to the name Jean Yu, Jean Yu. Her eponymous line may not have the recognition that La Perla and Eres does, but trust us when we tell you it’s worth a quick google. If you can think back far enough to Spring 2011 NY fashion week, rag&bone and Proenza Schouler both approached Yu for a collaborative design effort, and now the pieces have finally trickled into stores.


Yu used fighter pilots in g-suits as her inspiration for rag&bone, incorporating the now ubiquitous harness-straps we’ve been seeing for spring to compliment rag&bone’s new avant garde aesthetic. Proenza Schouler successful spring collection was also flattered by Yu’s fluorescent, minimalist, and decidedly delicate pieces. Look for them hanging next to the designers pieces at Barney’s New York with their own special collaborative label. But don’t wait too long. We have a feeling these pieces won’t be making their way over to the sale rack.


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