Topshop x Bionic Yarn

Photo:Elle Magazine

The ecological conscious trend has been on the mind of fast fashion retailers for some time, with everyone from H&M to Uniqlo introducing their own take on “organic” threads for the masses. It hasn’t completely taken off but we can add Topshop to the list of environmentally aware retail behemoths, with its new partnership with sustainable fabric producer Bionic Yarn. Created by Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs, Bionic Yarn produces fabrics out of plastic bottles, as you may remember from Pharrell Williams collaboration with Moncler , and with a little support from Williams the producer is now looking to cash in on some serious growth opportunities.


The Topshop collaboration is centering on the ever-growing Spring 70’s trend with a three-piece denim collection. The collection ranges from $70 to $100 and is currently available at the store located on Broadway in Soho, NYC. According to Williams “the coolest thing about Bionic Yarn is that the fabric is actually superior to the average fabric” – Elle, and if we can trust Williams’ opinion, sturdy synthetic fibers might be the way to go for avoiding the inevitable winter garment wear and tear.


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