Billy Reid x J.Crew

Photo:Billy Reid

Billy Reid seems to be the name on everyone’s lips these days. After walking away with the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, collecting a cool $300,000, Reid has let slip to NBC news that he has a collaboration in the works with J. Crew. Reid’s approach to fashion, working in a small studio in Florence, Alabama, lends him to designs that shirk trends and showcase the woodsy, worker, prep aesthetic for a younger customer. Recent reports indicate that J. Crew menswear sales are increasing faster than women’s, so J. Crew has made a wise choice in Reid, whose relaxed fits and madras prints aren’t very far from what the guys at J. Crew are already picking up these days.


Not to say that we’re personally thrilled with this news. There are only so many seersucker blazers and linen trousers a person can get excited about, but smart-thinking on J. Crew’s part. After a successful jewelry collaboration with Fenton/Fallon, J. Crew needed to diversify on the collaboration front, before every other retail chain has picked over the market for up and coming designers. Let’s not forget the company has been in the news lately with a major private equity buyout in the works, so something tells us this won’t be the last J. Crew collaboration you’ll be hearing about this year.


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