LACOSTE x Earnest Sewn

Photo: Lacoste

What happens when two brands start to fall out of relevancy? They collaborate of course. We’re pleased to announce the union of LACOSTE and Earnest Sewn in a new line of denim and polo shirts. The brands are obviously trying to combine their most salable products into a mutually beneficial relationship, but is co-branding the right answer to the dilemma of how to get shoppers into their respective boutiques?


After developing a devout following among premium denim fanatics, Earnest Sewn has lost some of its momentum, and after 70+ years and a legacy born of polo shirts and alligator logos, it would seem like LACOSTE is due for an update. Together the two brands are producing a total of 11 washes in jeans and 7 colorways in polos, all priced between $165-$195. It appears that the brands are expecting customers to find themselves perusing polos while drifting in and out of Earnest Sewn’s boutiques, and avoiding LACOSTE’s cotton chinos in favor of a fitted blue jean. Will the union strike a chord with shoppers? The collaboration is open-ended through Fall 2011, so we’re sure to find out.


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