Girard Perregaux x Bottega Veneta

Photo:T Magazine

In this day and age, the definition of luxury is fairly relative. Depending upon how you market it, a luxury suit can range from Topman to Kiton, and a couture can mean anything from Juicy to haute. Fortunately for quality aficionados, a few select brands have refused to compromise their integrity. Now Girard Perregaux and Bottega Veneta, two of our favorites, have combined their attention to craftsmanship and logo-free design to create Bottega Veneta’s first watch, the BVX.


The elegantly classic (not to be confused with minimalist) boasts a brushed-titanium casing, brown face, and cigar-colored crocodile strap. Bottega’s unisex design is the perfect compliment to the house’s woven handbags, and Perregaux has outfitted the interior with 18-karat rose gold automatic movement. If you’re partial to subtle opulence, the BVX is $14,600 and will be available starting in December. Logo fanatics, we suggest Rolex.


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