Katie Grand x Longchamp

Photo: Love Magazine

LOVE Magazine Editor-in-Chief Katie Grand has designed a new Le Pliage handbag for Longchamp and . The brand has garnered much of there success from their highly practical, and equally ubiquitous Le Pliage collection. Check the arm of your local college girl from the UES or it’s equivalent. Launched in ’93, the Le Pliage collection is known for being lightweight and practical, but not exactly boasting high marks in the way of style. Don’t get us wrong, we love a practical bag but the new takes on it with capsule design collections, like Jeremy Scott, have made us that more interested.


Well Grand’s design is pink naturally with her LOVE Magazine logo emblazoned. She revealed it at the launch party at Longchamp La Maison Madison in New York. Longchamp has been aggressively trying to take the brand upmarket, launching a ready-to-wear collection and collaborating with Kate Moss, so Grand addition makes perfect sense. We have to say Longchamp’s Artistic Director, Sophie Delafontaine is doing a good job at keeping this iconic bag fresh. Also, we bet Grand has possibly just designed the perfect stylist’s prop kit. Available now for $255 at Longchamp’s New York boutiques and Colette.


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