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November 30, 2010

Six Scents x Six Designers

Photo: W Magazine

How long can a designer develop their brand before breaking into fragrance? It’s become an inevitability for most established brands, and luckily the Six Scents project is around to give select designers the chance to experiment with signature perfumes. After the successful launch of the project, which invites designers like Gareth Pugh and Jeremy Scott, the fragrance house Givaudan is launching their third annual with a who’s-who of young talent to have their turn.


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November 29, 2010

This by That

What egomaniacal fashion designer has just got his work back into the pages of Vogue with a classic approach. Now he’s considering flipping his message and entering the world of fast fashion. Is it time for an onslaught of affordable plunging necklines and marabou feathers, or should this designer stick to his guns?

November 25, 2010

Anna Sui x Anthropologie


In all our excitement over Lanvin ❤ H&M, we’d completely forgotten about Anna Sui’s new vintage relaunch in tandem with Anthropologie. The icon of bohemians, models (wink wink) and rockers everywhere has a retrospective book coming out soon, so in the spirit of looking back the designer has also chosen to reissue a special three-piece capsule collection of archival looks specifically for Anthropologie.


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November 18, 2010

LACOSTE x Earnest Sewn

Photo: Lacoste

What happens when two brands start to fall out of relevancy? They collaborate of course. We’re pleased to announce the union of LACOSTE and Earnest Sewn in a new line of denim and polo shirts. The brands are obviously trying to combine their most salable products into a mutually beneficial relationship, but is co-branding the right answer to the dilemma of how to get shoppers into their respective boutiques?


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November 15, 2010

J.Press x Urban Outfitters

Photo: Urban Outfitters

J. Press has always brought to mind images of Elis and Harvard undergrads heading to their morning classes, but the preppy look has migrated from the upper echelon to becoming a staple of urban dressing, think Kanye West’s suits only musical workforce. Perfect timing for Urban Outfitters to introduce a collaboration with the brand, sure to lead customers to the register carrying loads of sweaters, shirts, ties, vests, and requisite ribbon belts.


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November 14, 2010

Derek Lam x Ebay

When Derek Lam booked his creative director position at Tod’s, industry insiders were worried that he simply hadn’t developed his brand’s aesthetic enough to move on to other projects. Well, a few years have passed and Lam has firmly established his finesse in effortless Womenswear, with West Coast classics, somethings suede and luxurious basics as his signature. Now for those of us who can’t manage to frequent his Crosby Street store in NY, the designer has sealed a deal with eBay to produce a special collection. Lam is following in the footsteps of Isaac Mizrahi and Norma Kamali, in their work with Target and Wal-Mart, respectively. But Lam’s collection has a unique twist.


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November 8, 2010

Land Rover x French Artists

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Photo: ArtInfo

Are there any brands left that has not tapped into the well of international young designers and artists to market their product? Now we would never discount all corporate sponsored art. Occasionally a bright spot surfaces, but these collabs are a common misconception that hiring an artist implies a depth to your product. Most recently, at the Paris Motor Show last month, Land Rover, the British car company has hired French-based designers Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Surface to Air, as well as art director of Intersection Magazine Yorgo Tloupas and artist cum club owner Andre, to create four distinctive takes on the new Range Rover Evoque. As part of the marketing campaign, the vehicles are planted in several Parisian locations as pop up installations. Very au current marketing scheme, Land Rover.

An introduction of the artists after the jump, etc…

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November 7, 2010

Girard Perregaux x Bottega Veneta

Photo:T Magazine

In this day and age, the definition of luxury is fairly relative. Depending upon how you market it, a luxury suit can range from Topman to Kiton, and a couture can mean anything from Juicy to haute. Fortunately for quality aficionados, a few select brands have refused to compromise their integrity. Now Girard Perregaux and Bottega Veneta, two of our favorites, have combined their attention to craftsmanship and logo-free design to create Bottega Veneta’s first watch, the BVX.


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