Levi Strauss x Pendleton Woolen Mills

Photo: Pendleton Woolen Mills

One thing a fashion editor never tires of saying is “Oh it’s vintage.” The industry’s love of all things dust ridden inspired Opening Ceremony’s widely successful with Pendleton Woolen Mills, and now Levi Strauss is mixing their denim with the brand’s famously recognized Native American inspired blanket linings. The union amounts to a line of men’s and women’s pieces available in early November.


Those cozy and actually very practical blanket linings have always been a Levi’s design element, so we wonder what took these American staples so long to join forces. Wool linings will accompany two trucker (aka denim) jackets for men and women, as well as a work shirt, and a women’s cape and blanket. Retailing for $118 and $198, they may not be the real thing, but then again you can spare yourself hours perusing cluttered racks for the perfect denim jacket. Items from the collection at available at Levi’s and Pendleton stores, as well on pendleton-usa.com and levi.com


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