Prada takes on the world etc…

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Which regions produce the best fabrics? What international fashion scores do you live for? Though Scotland certainly has a claim to knitwear (Pringle) the Milanese are certainly not to be undone (Loro Piana), and the Japanese may have the market cornered on premium denim, but silks are still in high debate. Thankfully we have Miuccia Prada to help settle the dispute with her new “Made In…” program, a capsule collection of varied pieces that incorporate traditional textiles and techniques from workshops and manufacturing leaders from around the world. Miuccia Prada, fashion innovator and now global economist?


Prada was inspired by her multinational grandfather, who brought in artisanal techniques from around the world. The four “Made In” pieces will be comprised of a traditional Scottish tartan wool kilts, embroidered accessories in traditional Indian Chikan, Japanese denim trousers in variety of cloths and washes, and finally Peruvian alpaca knits. Miuccia herself favors Japanese cotton, as it was the only fabric she used in her SS 2011 show and we can’t lie, Prada’s take on international textiles has us a bit more excited than monkeys and hospital scrubs. Look for those special tags when the collection in stores early 2011.


One Comment to “Prada takes on the world etc…”

  1. Hands down I think the Japanese make the best fabrics on earth

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