Jay-Z x New York Yankees

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Photo: YBF and Jay-Z.com

Jay-Z isn’t stopping until we associate him with all things NYC. After you heard the song, “Empire State of Mind” enough to have it on playback in your sleep, the rap mogul has gone and infiltrated America’s favorite pastime, the NY staple: The New York Yankees. The collection is produced by Majestic (supplier of all MLB uniforms) and New Era 59fifty (producer of hats for all teams). The selection of co-branded merchandise, will include both menswear and womenswear and will be sold exclusively at Yankee Stadium, including baseball caps, t-shirts, and hooded sweat shirts. Like the above fitted hat embroidered with that now infamous line, “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can”.


According to the Yankees, this venture is meant to commemorate the first official concert held at the new Yankee Stadium, where Jay-Z and Eminem co-headlined in Sept. Something tells us this wasn’t Eminem’s idea, considering you would be hard pressed to find an important Yankee game where Jay-Z isn’t present. Does this mean that all nightclubs will unanimously pass a moratorium on “Empire State of Mind”? We’re kind of hoping so.


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