AHAlife x Diane Von Furstenberg

Photo: Diane Von Furstenberg

Just about anything Diane von Furstenberg touches turns to commercial gold. The impossibly glamorous designer and CFDA president has managed to spend 40 years luring women into her looks. Cashing in on that stylish sensibility, uniquely curated website AHAlife is giving you the opportunity to purchase a limited-edition 10 megapixel Canon G-12 camera with DVF’s iconic Andy Warhol-designed lip print in black and pink Swarovski crystals and a zebra print dust bag.


We aren’t surprised with Diane’s choice, as she is an avid photographer, after shooting her own campaigns and watching those AMEX commercials where we learn that Diane comes up with her signature prints picturing nature. Only 50 of these embellished G12s were made for AHAlife. This website had such a soft launch considering the twitter age but it functions as a curated online boutique. The shopping site offers secret one day sales of unique pieces sourced collectively from every cool designer, from tech to beauty to body items. These cameras were only available September 24th, but look for them on eBay. For a DVF camera, it’s worth the hunt. And we have our eye on you, AHAlife.


3 Responses to “AHAlife x Diane Von Furstenberg”

  1. Actually, these cameras can still be waitlisted at AHAlife and they’ll track one down for interested parties.


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