Mubi x Playstation 3

Photo: Playstation Blog

MUBI and Playstation 3 (PS3) are launching a video streaming service in some European countries, Nordic countries, the UK and Australia and New Zealand. We aren’t surprised here in the US, after a crippling descent in sales, Blockbuster Inc. has finally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy production, a sign that the services like Netflix and video on demand have finally removed the need for the storefront video store, and particularly late fees, unavailable titles, and trying to find parking. Now MUBI and Playstation are hoping to create an online community (are they avoiding the term “social network”?) and capitalize on some of that film lover capital.


The MUBI application will appear on PS3’s XMB. The catalogue offers a variety of cinema, including classics, independents, and international films in multiple languages. At its launch, the MUBI app will only have 300 titles available, so don’t go canceling your other memberships just yet. But the service will offer both pay-per-video weekly rentals or an all-you-can-watch subscription service. Here in the States, we are patiently waiting on tossing our Blockbuster rental card.


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