Sears x French Connection

Photo: Stylelist

Marking another notable union of major department store and fast fashion brand,Sears Holding Corp is entering into a new collaboration with British brand French Connection. It looks like Sears is attempting to capitalize on the brand’s trench-chasing customer, effectively infusing the store’s meek offerings with a bit of much needed energy. Sears’ new “UK Style” will be priced from $9.90 to $50,an appealing markdown from French Connection’s relatively more expensive offerings. This is a ballsy move for UK brand.


This is a rather uninspired, questionable but marketable choice of a collaboration. We just consider the breadth of young talent emanating from the UK and think why not any of them. Although would they have answered if Sears was calling? Then again the American consumer is going to recognize French Connection before they have a chance to discover, say Jonathan Saunders or Mary Katrantzou. The in store boutiques as well as, will have accessories, childrenswear, womenswear and menswear offerings starting 2011. Question is, will you be making a detour to UK Style after perusing patio furniture and dishwashers?


3 Comments to “Sears x French Connection”

  1. I dont think this will not do good just based on the fact thats its in sears, and think they need more than FC to get people into sears

    • True. It’s really a question of what type of French Connection fashion will be available. The first released image reminds me of the days FC was about casual dressing which is totally not the case now with its runway to real life look alikes. Even the Gap has moved away from this look

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! you have a GREAT concept behind yours, there really are hundreds of collaborations going on left, right &centre nowadays. this one in particular is interesting – basically two chain stores coming together, one pricier than the next (being australian i’m a bit unfamiliar with sears but i have a vague idea), rather than a designer brand coming together with a chain store.

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