Acne x Candy Magazine

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Photo: Acne

Acne has also been a brand that follows rather than leads, and their unconventional approach to fashion has made them a must-see in fashion’s circle. Now creative director Jonny Johansson is taking another unusual step in collaborating with Candy Magazine on a new mini-collection for Acne. Candy, for those blissfully unaware, is a magazine celebrating transvestism, transexuality, and cross dressing, and what better way to rejoice than with a unisex line.


Luis Venegas, EIC of Candy, has designed a collection of three shirts in denim and silk. If you’re up to date on your tranny icons, then you’ll recognize the three styles; Alexis, Krystle, and Sammy Jo, from beloved 80’s hit Dynasty. Venegas has incorporated a dramatic bow, ruffles, and dolman sleeves into the looks that will make you wonder if you’re in the men’s or women’s section. Considering Acne’s classic approach to menswear, we’re betting these looks will have a little more appeal for the girls, but if Acne stores start stocking Candy, well…that remains to be seen. Available this October


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