Gao Yu x Absolut Vodka

Photo: Absolut

Everyone seems to have Sweden on the mind lately. Most recently, Mercedes-Benz Stockholm Fashion Week has generated quite a bit of press. Let’s not forget that Swedish brands like Acne and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair are stocked in closets of those in the foreground of fashion. Well not to be undone, is 130 year-old Swedish innovator (understatement!) Absolut Vodka, which has collaborated with Chinese Pop Artist Gao Yu on a new bottle design titled “Absolut 72 Transformations”. Always thinking.


Gao’s bottle design is a cartoon illustration of Sun Wukong, the valiant monkey king from China’s classic Journey to the West. So the title comes from the 72 transformations (72变) the king endures to achieve his enlightenment and become a Buddha. Deep, see what they did there.

Absolut has come a long way from their initial artist collaboration with Andy Warhol over 25 years ago, and we’ve visually collected our fair share of the over 300 Absolut bottle designs. Most recently a bottle representing one of the dopest cities, Brooklyn. Then again, we’ve never needed much of a reason to tap into a bottle of Absolut.


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