AF Vandervorst x Marie Jo L’Aventure

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Photo: AF Vandervorst

Vastly underrated yet highly influential, AF Vandevorst has been on the radar of fashion insiders for over a decade. The husband and wife team are known for their prowess in both structural design and use of fluid fabrics, their sensibility for the nuances of underpinnings have led them to a partnership with Belgian lingerie label Marie Jo L’Aventure.


The couple draws inspiration from all forms of visual art, so it’s fitting that their first lingerie endeavor utilizes a striking trompe l’oeil effect. What initially appears like coarse felt is actually a supple tech fabric. The pieces manage to include seductive transparency while still strengthening the female form. We’ve seen enough silk satin corsets in our lifetime to warrant a moratorium on the clichéd style, so it’s especially refreshing to see a concept in lingerie that doesn’t simply allude to moment that moment when the bustier comes off. Available in specialty stores beginning mid-September.


One Comment to “AF Vandervorst x Marie Jo L’Aventure”

  1. This piece of clothing line is incredible. It makes women beautiful and sexy at the same time. and feel confident as well.

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