Lisa Perry x Carl Fischer and Nat Finkelstein

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Photo: Lisa Perry

While fashion designers may seem like they collectively decide what their source of inspiration will be, Lisa Perry is sticking to her guns with Pop Art and 60s influenced pieces that her admirers have come to love and want. The designer’s love of all things mod (Perry is an avid vintage collector) has led to a collaboration with prominent 1960s photographers, the late Nat Finkelstein and Carl Fischer on a collection of printed dresses. Modeled after several paper dresses Perry once owned, she secured the rights to three iconic photographs, most notably Fischer’s Esquire cover of Andy Warhol drowning in a can of Campbell’s tomato soup.


Edie Sedgwick and Warhol’s Factory may be a familiar trope for designer’s to return to, but if Mad Men is any indicator of upcoming a trends, a 1960s revival is on its way. Miuccia Prada with her SS10 Prada and FW10 Miu Miu collections have already set the mark, with her perverse twists on the pre hippie sixties. For Lisa Perry however, Pop Art prints in particular are an interesting choice, considering the extent to which the Pop-Art movement satirized and teased consumer culture. We wonder what Warhol would think about Perry’s customers spending $1295 on a cotton twill dress (T-shirts, $100) printed with his image. Available now at Lisa Perry online and stores.


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