Brian Lichtenberg x Forever 21

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Photo: WWD

Forever 21 may be known for disposable dresses and designer knockoffs, but the brand can supply some pretty appealing pieces, like the upcoming collaboration they have in store with designer Brian Lichtenberg. While Lichtenberg may not bring the fame quotient in the way Karl Lagerfeld did for H&M, the L.A based designer isn’t exactly an unknown. You’ve seen his dresses before, whether on Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, and of course you remember the caution-tape bodysuit Lady Gaga donned in her Telephone video.


Lichtenberg is working on a line of graphic T-shirts to be sold at the fast fashion retailer. There’s enough variety in the men’s and women’s styles that you’re sure to find something you like, including bleeding hearts, police tape, and oversized BL logos. While we wish there was a little more holographic detailing, e.g: his costumes for M.I.A, for under $20, it’s a solid dose of L.A over here on the East Coast that doesn’t require resorting to sunless tanner and highlights.


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