Coco & Breezy x Selima Optique

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Photo: Selima Optique

20 year-old twins, Corianna and Brianna Dotson bka Coco & Breezy are having quite the year. The twins from Minneapolis have managed to transplant themselves to NYC on dreams of becoming designers. Making a foray first into RTW, they tinkered with their first love, eyewear, in the process. Eyewear for them was a way to easily transform into their bold alter egos, Coco & Breezy, and shy away from judging eyes.

While most designers of their age are struggling with unpaid internships and sketching prototypes, the sunglass moguls have landed their shades on the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Ashanti, and Ciara, and have managed to catch Selima Salaun of Selima Optique’s attention as well.


Selima Optique and Coco & Breezy have developed 20 unique pieces, in addition to the Coco & Breezy originals already sold in NY stores. They customized Selima’s best-selling Onassis frame with an aggressive glam punk update. Our favorite pair has a twist on the au courant cat eye shades.

Now they may run for $425, but at the very least the gilded frames will give the eyes a break from fashion’s new insistence on paired down, minimalist style. Perfect chance to channel your inner Rihanna, tattoos and flame red hair dye not required. Available now at Selima Optique stores.


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