Gilt Groupe x Yoko Devereaux

Photo: Fashion Indie

Yoko Devereaux may have shuttered their Williamsburg boutique, but the down-and-out menswear label is scheduled for a revival through a new collaboration with flash sale giant, Gilt Groupe. The hipster friendly label made some major achievements in their heyday, worn by celebrities Josh Hartnett and featured in the pages of Details and Paper. Unfortunately the label, like so many others, shut down after their backers cut funding.

Gilt has worked with the designer of Yoko Devereaux, Andy Salzer on an assortment of projects. Yoko essentials, as well as a capsule collection of casually cool pieces are to be sold exclusively through Gilt. We are into this new venture and hope it’ll have a repeat in the future. The recession saw the end of some fantastic firms, but now that the casualties of the recession aren’t piling up as rapidly, maybe we’ll get the chance to see some promising designers bounce back. It’s hard to give up those “Going Out of Business” sales, but if it means economic turnaround, we guess we’ll just have to cope.


The collection should pop up in your email at the start of ‘Fashions New Year’, September. That is if you aren’t a Gilt Groupe member already. Way to get the fellas into it too Gilt!


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