GM General Motors x Android/ Droid

Photo: Geeky Gadgets

Google is reportedly in talks to start a new collaboration with General Motors’ telematic OnStar car service. The Android OS will be integrated into OnStar-enabled vehicles meaning that you’ll finally be able to control your car from your Google-powered smartphone. Why not have Google enter yet another facet of life? But GM is making the right call in investing in technology that will give users the opportunity to experience new levels of convenience and control with Droid phones.


According to Motor Trend Magazine, features include the usual dashboard-based phone controls, media players, and navigation tools, but with Android OS there would be expanded capabilities. This collaboration will allow users to unlock doors, start up engines, and adjust in-vehicle settings with nothing but a few taps on a phone screen or the safer driving option of voice command. Considering the amount of problems plaguing the iPhone 4G, maybe it’s time to make a change. After all, that iPhone may have some appealing apps, but has it ever rolled down your windows for you? Didn’t think so.


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