Do we like this? Discuss, etc…

We want to say a big “Thanks!” to all of our readers. We are happy that you guys are into the blog and we hope to bring you more collaboration news everyday. We are very excited that despite being so new to the blogging game, we are able to break exclusives

Right this minute we are introducing a new feature to the blog which will allow you to rate each collaboration from your own unique perspective. You can continue to leave comments but more interestingly, you can let us know if you think the mixing of minds worked in that particular case or if they should break up and never look back. We want YOUR opinion!

Here’s how it works: When viewing an individual collaboration post, simply click the topic headline and a 5 star rating should appear. If you loved Portugal x MoMA as much as we did, let us know! If you think BryanBoy x H&M is no bueno, let us know! Eventually, we will have the rating system live on the home page but for now, bear with us as we navigate our way through the tricky world of WordPress.

We know you get it, now GO!

Collaboration Etc thanks you for your time…

P.S. Keep those comments and suggestions coming!!! A Dries van Noten x Target collection doesn’t just produce itself you know!


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