Exclusive: Rick Owens x Chrome Hearts

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Photo: Chrome Hearts

Chrome Hearts and Rick Owens are entering into a new and exciting collaboration. Their relationship began when Owens adorned his signature side-zippered high-top sneaker with Chrome Hearts emblems such as the fleur-de-lys, Gothic crosses and daggers. The styles had sneaker aficionados in hot pursuit, but we wanted a little more. Our love for Rick Owens goes from the most structured of shearlings to the flimsiest of chiffons, so what do these two Los Angeles originators have in store for us?


Without fail, Rick Owens does not disappoint. Though we have it on good authority that the collaboration is very much in the development phase, expect no less than 10 one-of-a-kind pieces. With very few sketches and descriptions available, we can tell you the signature Rick Owens top sellers will be included (i.e fur, leather jackets, and knits). Before Owens turned ex-pat and set up home in the City of Light, his presence in Los Angeles was firmly planted. We wager that it was a visit home that spun this unique union. Keep in mind, Rick Owens goes fast. And for one-of-a-kind Rick Owens, forget the wait-list. We’re calling this one a guaranteed blink and you miss it. Details to come.


Chrome Hearts customized Rick Owens sweaters and outerwear will be available in limited quantities only, in the Chrome Hearts NY and Paris boutiques in the late Fall. They will retail in price from $4,500 – $10,000. Check out a few more of the pieces below.


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