Repetto x Comme des Garcons

Photo: Repetto

French ballet-flat darling Repetto has hit new strides in the fashion community. Though the brand made its name by outfitting ballerinas, the 21st century has seen Repetto expand its influence to include industry tastemakers like Kate Moss and Sofia Coppola, as well a high-end collaboration with none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Now Repetto is continuing it’s fashion outreach with a collaboration with Japanese avant-garde label Comme des Garcons.

Repetto has veered towards the Japanese avant-garde before, collaborating with Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto to produce only the best in Hiroshima chic. Their new designs with Comme des Garcons are an upgrade on the Bardot Ballerina pump as well as their Zizi Femme lace-up. While we usually fawn for all things Kawakubo, these flats fall well…pardon the pun, a little flat. CDG has a history of collaborations that range from the highly covetable (H&M) to the highly unremarkable (Louis Vuitton) and we’re afraid CDG’s take on the Repetto staple resides in the latter camp. That said, our standards for CDG run pretty high, so don’t let a little thing like simplistic design deter you from the most comfortable flat in town. Available in three colorways and sold exclusively at Dover Street Market for the pittance of £275.


4 Responses to “Repetto x Comme des Garcons”

  1. Oh I love these! Certainly overpriced but sooo cool! Will stop by Doverstreet Market soon. Thanks for sharing;-)!

  2. they are so cute! love them:)

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