Vionnet x Giuseppe Zanotti Design

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Photo: WWD

Vionnet, much like Halston and Bill Blass, is another storied design house trying to reinvent itself. The company has made strides toward greater brand recognition (outfitting Ginnifer Goodwin for the Golden Globes was a lay up) and now they are branching into accessories with shoe-designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Zanotti has worked with Balmain, Proenza Schouler, and Thakoon in the past. So we are pleased that Vionnet’s classic aesthetic forces the designer to take a break from the more aggressive embellishments that have foot fetishists swooning and real women fearing for their lives on cobblestone streets.


The collection features 20 different styles with an emphasis on leather and silk. They will include the now de rigueur kitten heel, ballerina flats and more Grecian-inspired evening styles than one can reasonably choose between. Zanotti asserts there won’t be any platforms or wild fabrics, indicating another step towards sensible shoes becoming the norm in fashion once again. This is a great way to lure in new clients but we don’t see Zanotti’s unabashedly fearless clientele foregoing his trademark stilettos anytime soon. Good thing there’s something here for everyone.


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