Scott Campbell x Louis Vuitton

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Photo: Scott Campbell

If there’s one thing we never imagined making the crossover into the luxury market it was the temporary tattoo. Then again, we live in an age in which designers will monogram just about anything to keep profits up. Though our fondness for temporary tattoos waned some time before puberty, Chanel made us reconsider with their ultra chic designs for spring. Now Louis Vuitton has jumped on the bandwagon through a collaboration with artist Scott Campbell, recruited by Marc Jacobs, for the Spring 2011 menswear show.


Campbell is a well regarded New York artist famous for Jacobs’s own notoriously flashy tattoos. Now he’s gone and upped the temporary tat ante by designing a full-on monogram neck sleeve, as well as customizing a few bags for the venerable Vuitton brand. Monogrammed bags may be more ubiquitous than vuvuzelas at a sporting event but Vuitton knows to never underestimate the power of its logo. It begs the question. Is this a trend? And if so, which designer do you think will be the next to hop on board?


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