Vivienne Westwood x Cool Earth

Photo:Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood
has a history of engaging the fashion industry in a dialogue about climate change. Her “ACT FAST/SLOW DOWN” t-shirts were a huge hit last year with proceeds supporting the United Nations Climate Change Conference and now the London designer is continuing her eco-charity through a collaboration with Cool Earth. Westwood is designing a selection of tablecloths with over twenty designs based on past and present collections.

The strength of fashion’s eco-conscience is debatable. When you consider the carbon foot-print the industry leaves, from sourcing fabric to flying collections, samples, employees (and models) all over the world, the numbers really rack up. Arguably, the greatest impact consumers can have on the environment is to curb purchasing, seek out locally-produced goods, and invest in quality vintage and secondhand pieces. But those solutions just don’t seem to work for fashion’s bottom line.


That aside, Cool Earth is making a valiant effort to stop deforestation. Westwood has confirmed that “the money they spend has maximum effort, working alongside indigenous people, putting mechanisms in place to save the planet.” (via Westwood’s designs are bold and bright, and emblazoned with her typically assertive political statements. All table cloths are made in England and signed by Westwood herself. Though they carry a hefty €1,000 price tag, all of the proceeds will go to benefit Cool Earth. Available only for a limited time on her website.


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