HP x Sex and the City 2

Photo: PC Richard & Son

The only technology we have ever associated with Sex and the City is Carrie’s iconic Mac laptop (a black PowerBook G3 to be exact), which she famously used throughout the series and first film. The only exception being that gargantuan desktop that made a debut during the early seasons (and maybe Samantha’s vibrator).

For Sex and the City 2 which premiers May 27th, expect those finely manicured hands to be typing away at a Hewlett-Packard. She will be using both the “digital clutch”, a phrase coined by HP for their HP Mini 210, designed and presented on Vivienne Tam’s Spring 2010 runway and HP’s TouchSmart. Warner Bros. Pictures is partnering with Hewlett-Packard to promote the upcoming film with contests and a sizable marketing campaign. This is a notable win for the PC vs. Mac debate and quite an interesting choice given that Apple is the fashion industry’s overwhelmingly favored tech purveyor. Carrie’s new little accessory may just usher in a wave of renewed interest in the fashion + technology trend.


As part of the partnership, HP will be hosting a string of events around the globe to celebrate the new film, including private screenings, an HP commercial featuring Sarah Jessica Parker (below), in-store shopping events, window displays, interactive websites, and an online sweepstakes. So essentially, every marketing ploy you can think of short of skywriting. If you can take your eyes off of the wardrobe for long enough, expect to see a lot of HP product placement in the upcoming film, meant to “merge premium technology with style for women”

Promo videos galore for viewing pleasure:

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