Zac Posen x 16w21

Photo: The Real Deal

After launching his lower-priced Z Spoke line as well as his successful Target collection, Zac Posen is now focusing his attention on interiors. Posen is designing 16W21, a new luxury residence in NYC’s Flatiron District. The interior design trend is nothing new in fashion. Mr. Armani took his Casa collection to new heights with the epic 39-floor Giorgio Armani hotel in the Burj Khalifa skyscraper of Dubai. And if the recent DVF and Moschino designed hotels are an indication of the shift in design focus, we can expect to see many more companies jumping on the bandwagon. These designers are cleverly approaching new ways of expressing their aesthetic, and Posen, known for his whimsical separates and lavish gowns, has put his essential flair on the new space.

* and check out the creepy promo video after the jump. How does it make you feel?


Posen has included gilt-edged moldings, hand-stenciled wallpaper, and padded velvet stairs, all on top of a color palette of salmon pink, powder blue, and burnt sienna. It doesn’t stop there because Posen has also designed custom pieces for a model apartment in the building, including blue velvet dining chairs, Pologeorgis fur bedspreads, and tufted moiré satin bed frames. Though it sounds like it would be enough to sear your eyeballs, in Posen’s hands, the space evokes an almost a Parisian opulence. The timing couldn’t be more perfect considering Posen will be moving his extravagant collection to Paris Fashion Week for the upcoming Spring 2011 season.


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