Dusan Reljin x Selima Optique

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Photo: Selima Optique

Photographer Dusan Reljin,a frequent contributor to just about every magazine from Wonderland to American Vogue, is turning his editorial eye to eyewear. The fashion photographer is collaborating with Selima Optique’s mastermind designer Selima Salaun on a capsule collection of hand-cut Mazzuchelli in optical and sunglass styles, which is a wood and cotton based plastic (you learn something new every day!), these frames are made to last. “I was like a kid discovering Legos for the first time,” Reljin told Style.com about the design process.


We admire Reljin’s enthusiasm for his work, considering the amount of collaborations that are essentially a handshake and one party using another’s name. It’s making us seriously reconsider those $5.00 Soho street vendor frames. They will be available at Bond 07, Selima Optique’s NY Bond Street store, and are priced at $385. Despite the hefty price tag, you’re guaranteed exquisite quality and intelligent design. Our favorite is Reljin’s futuristic take on the aviator.


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