Spike Lee and Spike Jonze x ABSOLUT Vodka


ABSOLUT Vodka has always taken a unique approach to marketing. They’ve collaborated with icons such as Helmut Newton and Andy Warhol and now the brand has tapped Spike Lee and Spike Jonze to interpret ABSOLUT in their own way. Both are known for creating films outside the normative Hollywood machine.

Spike Lee, the acclaimed director of When the Levees Broke, has created ABSOLUT BROOKLYN, a limited edition flavor. It’s a blend of red apple and ginger flavors and is meant to capture the vibrancy and uniqueness of Brooklyn and the creativity it inspires. We haven’t tried it but anything to do with Brooklyn sounds awesome. Don’t you agree?

As for Jonze, his widely popular film called Where the Wild Things Are was a major blockbuster of Summer ’09. Jonze has also released a short film at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival titled I’m Here. It is part of his “ABSOLUT World” campaign where humans and robots coexist in a futuristic setting. Jonze was given creative liberty by ABSOLUT and the film is his first love story about the relationship between two robots living in Los Angeles. The film is unique in that there is no product placement whatsoever. “This is an emotional expression of the brand,” says Anna Malmhake, VP of Global Marketing at ABSOLUT. “None of us could see what a shot of the vodka would have added.”

We’re excited to see it, particularly because it would be nice to associate robots and vodka with something more emotionally evolved than the bizarre bionic model from the Svedka ads. View the trailer at www.imheremovie.com

Sources: Adweek.com, ABSOLUT



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