Jerry Leigh Apparel x HB3 Technology

Photo: HoodieBuddie

Jerry Leigh Apparel may be a name unfamiliar to many but it has been a mass distributor, manufacturer and design house since 1962. Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers, Paul Frank and recently Avril Lavigne’s Abbey Dawn are among their top licenses. Their profile may be rising soon as they feature Leigh’s license, HB3 technology,which embeds audio and entertainment functionality within garments. What does this even mean? Well, garments will feature built-in, machine-washable headphones that are located inside the drawstrings of the hoodie and a front pocket that holds an input jack. Leigh has incorporated this technology into two of his lesser known brands HoodieBuddie and InSound. With the mega influence of smart phones, mp3 players and even mp4 players, it was only a matter of time before an apparel company decided to usher in the era of ready-to-wear technology. Should downtown-friendly brands like Brooklyn Industries and Urban Outfitters get primed and ready to support the current cultural desire to be plugged in 24/7? Seemingly the answer may be a logical next step for a truly mobile device.


HoodieBuddie will be available at Macy’s and, retailing for about $50. Rusty has licensed out this technology and their styles, available in June, will retail for about $50


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