Taylor Jacobson x Kasil Workshop

Photo: Kasil Workshop

Remember our THIS by THAT feature from last month? Well, the truth has been revealed…

After a high-profile split from super-stylist Rachel Zoe, Taylor Jacobson has been tapped by Kasil Workshop to kick off their newest venture, “Taylor Jacobson by Kasil Workshop.” Apparently she had more up her sleeve than we suspected.


In Jacobson’s own words, “My vision was to create a transitional jean that was edgy yet polished at the same time. A feminine collection juxtaposed with masculine undertones.” This is evident from the structured fit and sleek, simple detailing of each style.

At the helm of Kasil Workshop is David Lim. Born into the fashion business, Lim’s designs have been a celebrity favorite for years. According to the LA native, the jeans manage to, “make you look like you’ve been in a kickboxing class for the past 48 hours straight.” (via Fashiontribes)
The collection labeled “Minx Ultra Skinny” aims to satisfy a wide range of client. Washes include “Industrial”, the traditional blue jean treatment, “Gloss,” a weathered blue and “Uptown” in black. And in the constant pursuit for the perfect pair of jeans (and the perfect body to put them on) this is a highly marketable asset, just like Taylor Jacobson.


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