Moschino x Hotelphilosophy SpA

Photo: Hotel Chatter

Two industries that have come together in the past, fashion and travel, have not let the economic downturn damage the importance of staying in style. There is a surge in ‘Casa’ lines for many luxury designers but in this case, Moschino is moving a step forward. “Moschino partnered with Hotelphilosophy SpA and refurbished a neoclassical train station that dates back to 1840”, according to WWD. The hotel is called Maison Moschino, loosely translated to Moschino’s house, and will have sixty-five rooms, a restaurant and spa. Classic to Moschino’s whimsical and humorously sexy style, rooms will have a fairy tale theme. Curious to what this means as you lay your head on perhaps the house’s signature heart shaped pillows? Well look up and you might see chandeliers dripping with mini cakes. The surreal interiors of ballgown headboards and dress shaped lamps may be enchanting but the vibrant shopping district of Corso Como is just steps away from turning that designer fantasy into reality.


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