Hariri & Hariri x Atelier Swarovski

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Photo:Atelier Swarovski

Gisue and Mojgan Hariri
will introduce a brand new crystal cut to the pantheon of Atelier Swarovski for Autumn/Winter 2010. The tough strength of the ‘Kryptonite’ collection is balanced by the iridescent brilliance of each piece. With cuffs, rings and belts outfitted with large, statement Swarovski crystals, Hariri & Hariri seem to have harnessed the mystical nature of a woman’s own power. “The collection is named Kryptonite…because it gives one superpower from its sheer size and design. It is almost supernatural!” said Mojgan Hariri. The asymmetry of the cut itself demonstrates that beauty is not always synonymous with perfection.


It is fitting that two female pioneers of the architecture world would take such a directional approach to the concept of working with crystal. Although this is not the first time the Iranian-born sisters have worked with Swarovski, the project comes at a time when their architecture firm is reaching white hot popularity. Hariri & Hariri projects are under development all over Manhattan, the Middle East and Europe.

The collection is available via www.atelierswarovski.com.


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