Destination: Portugal x Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

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Photo: MoMA

The Metropolitan Musuem of Modern Art, most widely and affectionately known as simply MoMA, has been providing an escape to some of our favorite countries through their Destination: Design series. Up next is Portugal, launching in May.

Working with such organizations as the Ministry of Culture, Turismo de Portugal, TemaHome, aicep Portugal Global and Fundação de Serralves, the MoMA Design Stores will have a serious selection of products; as serious as a shopping bag that was handmade by inmates at a women’s prison in Lisbon (after the jump). Other products were made by young and emerging designers, offering items that have never been available outside of Portugal. The repurposed furniture, kitchenware, ceramics, jewelry, etc. will be available for a limited time only at MoMA Design Store locations and
The series provides a context for a rich appreciation of ideas, forms, and materials presented from all over the globe. Revenues generated by the Destination: Design series support the programs and exhibitions of The Museum of Modern Art.


Prior Destination: Design events have focused on Finnish design, Danish crafts, Argentine design, the always innovative Berlin design scene, Japanese design, design from Seoul, South Korea, and the recently emerging market of Brazil.

Select Destination: Portugal products will also be available in Japan at the MoMA Design Store in Tokyo, and online at, as well as on MoMA’s Korean web site,

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