MetroPCS x Mister Cartoon

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Photo: MetroPCS

MetroPCS customers looking to stand out from the crowd need look no further than to the new MOTO VE440 Handset. Mister Cartoon, one of the most prolific graphic designers and celebrity tattoo artists working today, has teamed up for the second time with the burgeoning wireless communications giant to produce a line of limited edition tattooed mobile phones. Having worked with and on celebrities ranging from George Lopez to Beyonce and Travis Barker, Mister Cartoon’s street cred goes beyond mainstream popularity.

In either a black or chrome finish, the phones feature intricate, traditional tattoo designs in the signature Mister Cartoon style. On top of all the extras included in the phone, “a portion of the revenue generated from the headset sales will go directly to funding community art centers, outreach programs for at-risk youth and art supplies for schools in many of the MetroPCS markets.”


One other notable addition comes courtesy of rap superstar Snoop Dogg. The multi-platinum recording artist has recorded two full-length, previously unreleased songs which will be embedded on a 1GB SD card that comes free with the phone.
As part of the ‘Sanctioned by Mister Cartoon’ collection, this offer is exclusive to MetroPCS and is available only in select stores and online for $129.


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