Maripol x Marc Jacobs

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Photos: Marc Jacobs

What do you get when you mix a downtown icon from days of yore with one of the hottest global brands on the market? Apparently some very fun accessories and t-shirts emblazoned with phrases like, “Zebra is IN. Leopard is OUT!” Creative force Maripol, who is best known for working with Madonna well before her Jesus Luz days, has resurrected a few prints from notebooks she kept in the 80’s.
It seems only natural that the woman who was once art director at Fiorucci would choose the Marc by Marc Jacobs store to feature her covetable and wallet-friendly wares. ATTENTION ALL COOL KIDS. Go and get yourself a piece of pop art history.


Her extensive collection of polaroids has been exhibited in museums around the world and as an artist from a very talented family, the productivity doesn’t stop there. Along with influencing the likes of Grace Jones and Debbie Harry, Maripol found time to produce the pseudo-documentary ‘Downtown 81.’ The film starred post-punk era wunderkind Jean-Michel Basquiat (who was homeless at the time) and was selected for viewing at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival garnering very favorable reviews. Dear (insert any of today’s tastemakers), you’re doing it wrong.

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