Yestadt Millinery x Vena Cava


For her second collaboration with Vena Cava, Molly Yestadt found the perfect backdrop for her F/W 2010 collection of spaghetti western inspired hats. Vena Cava’s fall woman would not look out of place saddled next to Clint Eastwood in the cult classic film, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ or walking down Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg for that matter. This nod to the late 60’s/early 70’s era echoed through each look that went down the runway.


Yestadt Millinery’s swift rise through the fashion ranks was first facilitated by Molly’s mother who helped her “throw a trunk show with all her classy Westchester friends” (via Dossier) and the orders came flooding in from there. After her fall 2009 collaboration with Marc Jacobs, her fate was sealed. The CFDA-blessed duo of Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock have enjoyed a very rare balance between complete commercial acceptance and cool kid cache not seen since the early days of Rag & Bone. We can only hope to see more cooperation between these very talented young women in the future.


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